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Kathys ACEO |ATC|Art Trading Cards

"The Elegant Fairy" ACEO Mixed media, Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Leonardo da Vinci paintings?


ACEO,ATC, New adventures and avenues of creativity.

I love it!


Creativity is a wonderful thing, with no end to the possibilities. It is air to breathe for the artist.

I tell myself these things each day:

Create to breathe.

Create with abandon.

Create what is in your heart.

Leonardo da Vinci paintings in your future?

Or maybe, pictures of kittens cats, fine art whimsical angel commissions, grim reaper artwork?

Oh! Make it rain. Right?

'How to' though is always knocking at the door and peeking in on me to see if I am trying or if I am merely getting by and spending my time just wishing.

Understand your own talent evolves from the practice of what you feel in your longings.

You have it, if you feel it, but it does not know light unless you cradle it often.

Honor your own existence and personal beliefs by forming something that did not exist before. Know that you did the best you could in developing it. What an amazing gift that is possible for anyone who chooses to try.

It's in the practice because of your wanting.

Make it rain.

There may be short cuts, yes I suppose there are, but to create great art, the effort needs to be made continually with constant flow and input into ones own talent.

I always say that "Talent is desire and the rest is practice".

Make it rain.

I say this to myself. I say it every time I know I am being lazy and not putting in the effort to actually fulfill the plans in my head. It takes devotion to accomplish anything at all. It is funny that people often think that art is something one is born with and because of that it explodes or not. It is elusive yet it must be encouraged to become something tangible. It must be charmed and romanced. It also must be held accountable and know consequences, or else we fool ourselves into thinking something is good, when really, it may not be.

Nothing comes for free unencumbered by effort.

I have always felt that it is essential for artists to boost one another, especially during those dry days when imagination feels slight. Those times when the artist sits alone and tries to do what he/she did the last time something turned out really great, to surprise even the artist. We ask, "How did I do that?" The answer is a nebulous trance and yet deep down to create more of the same, it is the practice that pre-seeded it. Those dry days are lived less and less, the more and more effort is spent on defining dreams with concrete endeavors.

Leonardo da Vinci paintings, pictures of kittens and cats, fine art whimsical angel commissions, grim reaper artwork, lyrics to a song.

Feel the day, the sky open and smiling on you and make it rain.

About one of my Squidoo's:

"Self Help|Artwork in a Butterfly Garden|Create Health|Poetry|Flowers|Self Love"

All about things to create a mood for creating. Yes it includes chocolate and flowers.

Map Faery Tale Adventures With a Pegasus in a Field of Flowers|Love the Goddess in Yourself

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and a HUGE Smile

My NEW Squid lens is all about ACEO and ATC, Fantasy Fairies, whimsical musicians artwork, grim reaper artwork. For now I am painting my little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 images as mermaids and fairies.

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Leonardo da Vinci paintings in my future... well may be!

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